Magnetic Direct Drive Technology by One Motion

Efficiency | Reliability | Hygienic | Performance

Powered Conveying Solutions

A reliable alternative to motorized pulleys and drum motors. Highly efficient and a sure way to minimize downtime and keep your production line moving. Backed by an industry leading 3 year warranty. 

Powered Custom Solutions

Easy integration into existing machine. Custom shell profile to work with any belt. Food safe. No Backlashing. Acceleration that exceeds a traditional servo/gearbox solution along with faster and more precise positioning.   

Outer Runner Design

Easy Installation / Operation

Can be dropped or bolted into place. Operated by using most popular Variable Frequency Drives. 

High Power Magnetic Arrays

Magnets shaped to create a high pole count.​ Result is high mechanical power &​ constant torque over wide speed range.

Only One Transfer of Energy

Direct transfer of electrical power to mechanical
rotation. Watts to torque. No wasted energy​ moving through mechanical gears.

Food Safe

Easy to clean (IP65 / IP69k washdown safe), oil free (no leaks!) and cut shell, making the drive clear of any crevices where food debris and bacteria like to hide.

Application Uses for One Motion Technology:

Smart Belt Feeder


Sausage Cutting


Horizontal flow wrapping


Sauce Slinging


Product Merge / Allignment




One Motion


Ideal for product alignment, single file merge, and more. This space saving solution offers full control over each pulley, allowing freedom to run up to 4 belts at independent speeds and directions.



To Fit Your Needs

One Motion engineers design, develop and build  innovation into packaging automation products. We can adapt Direct Drive Powered technology to fit your specific needs.


Projects where One Motion products are be used to improve production include fin sealing, sausage cutting, maynoaisse slinging, and more. 


With our “First Time Right” methodology, our accomplished engineers move from concept to prototype in a timely manner.