Magnetic Direct Drive Technology by One Motion

The Reliable, Efficient, Hygienic Solution For Belt Conveying


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Easy Maintenance + High Efficiency + Space Savings = One Motion

One Motion products allow for fast conveyor belt swaps, are easy to clean, require minimal space (see our Multi-Drive™), and are highly efficient!


The One Motion Advantage



To Fit Your Needs

While the One Motion line of products are designed around belt conveying for the packaging industry, we can adapt Direct Drive Powered technology to fit your specific needs. Whether it is the cost savings, efficiency, or another desired benefit of using magnet powered direct-drive, our accomplished engineers move from concept to prototype in a timely manner.

One Motion





Application Uses for One Motion Technology:

Smart Belt Feeder

sanitary conveying

Horizontal flow wrapping


Automatic case packing

product orientation

Reliable, Sanitary Packaging Solutions

One Motion offers a variety of sanitary solutions for belt conveying in our magnetic direct drive powered pulleys and hubs. Our hygienic direct drive solutions are a top choice to replace motors in critical areas and heavy wash down environments..

Through the use of Smart Conveying technology, One Motion products allow precise control over conveyor speeds and timing. This is accomplished by electro-magnets pushing magnets around.

Simple Mechanical Design

As a result, the One Motion line of products use 90% fewer rotating components, while offering a wide speed profile without the need for gearbox sizing. With fewer rotating components, One Motion products are reliable and backed by an industry leading, 3 year performance warranty!

Near-Servo Performance

One Motion Powered Products provide the same benefits as Servo Systems for Belt Control. Conveyor control is velocity and timing control, One Motion has better acceleration and deceleration properties than a traditional servo system. We are able to meet most of your servo replacement needs with our sensor less magnetic direct drives.