QuickBase Quoting Process

Click any of the above tabs for more information on when a card should be moved to that specific column in QuickBase.

Video Overview of process flow chart:

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Request For Quote

> Send Quote Presentation to Prospect & Help Them Complete Excel Sheet.

Click Here for presentation

Click Here for excel sheet

> Try to provide as much information as possible (refer to quote presentation / excel sheet).

> If budgetary quote, notate that in description.

> Check for card to have new notes asking for more details, or be moved to Quoted.

> When card has been moved to quoted, it is ready to be sent to prospect.

> Once quote has been sent, it should be moved to Active.

The money is in the follow up! One of the primary objectives to this system is to encourage follow up activity.

> Once a quote has been sent out, follow up should happen within 7 days.

> If scheduling a follow up, move card to the follow up column, select a follow up date AND enter notes explaining following activity needed.

> The follow up activity should take place within 14 days.

> After you have followed up, return the card back to active.

> Repeat this until quote is won or lost.

> Only quotes that are expired, past their follow up date or need revised should be moved here.

> If you have a quote in Not Active, you should update the quote card using the following criteria:

Expected to close (or if budgetary quote, be revised) within next 30 days or so:

Schedule follow up date & activity:

Expected close in distant future:

Move quote card to closed, schedule follow up date & add new note with expected order date range

Order lost:

Move quote card to closed, mark as canceled or lost and leave brief note why.

> Cards should only be here if the quote was won, lost or if it could be won in the distant future.

> If the quote was lost, you still have to mark it as lost or canceled and leave a brief note explaining why.


> The note is important as it will help us gather trends on quotes (price too high, not a fit for certain types of projects, etc.)

> If not marked as Won, Lost, or Canceled, the quote will remain in quote column indefinitely.

> Please ONLY do this if the quote is expected to close at much later date AND add note providing expected close date range (e.g, “expected to close sometime in 4th Q”).